Heartland Gas Range Explained

Heartland Gas Range Overview: A Picture Guide

Heartland ranges are considered more than just a retro stove with a pretty face. It’s a true cooking center stocked with a host of unique features. It’s a commercial quality cooktop, a state-of-the-art convection oven, powerful vent hood, humidity-controlled warming drawing, utensil drawer and a tray storage compartment…all in one amazing appliance.

Get the complete picture with this detailed Heartland Gas Range features guide.


A.  Center Burners (48” models only) – Two easy-clean sealed high efficiency gas burners are capable of heating up to 8,000 BTU down to a low 600 BTU simmer, perfect for medium-size cooking pans.heartland gas burner
B.  Right Burners – Front sealed burner is a powerful 9,500 BTU with a simmer of 1000 BTU (perfect for large pots) and the rear burner is 8,000 BTU to 600 BTU.

C.  Left Burners – Front sealed burner is heats up to 9,500 BTU for boiling large pots quickly and simmers down to 1,000 BTU.  Rear burner is maximum 8,000 BTU with simmer of 600 BTU to accurately maintain a steady temperature.

D.  Gas Burner Controls – Allow an infinite selection of cooking temperatures, four controls on the 30″ Heartland Gas Range (9200) and six controls on the 48″ Heartland Gas Range (7200).  All models feature “auto-reignition”, which means if for any reason the flame goes out, it automatically begins to spark to re-ignite the burner!

E.  Oven Temperature Control – Located to the right of the cooktop, the controls offer infinite bake temperature and broil control as well as ease and accuracy in cooking and baking. All units feature “auto gas shutoff”, which means that if for any reason the flame goes out, gas to the oven burner shuts off!

heartland-ovenF.  Gas Oven Features:

  • Timed baking, broiling
  • Convection baking, broiling
  • Low-maintenance high temperature self clean oven
  • 4 position racking
  • 3.6 cubic feet of energy-efficient area
  • 16,500 BTU oven burner

G. Warming Drawer –  Glides open for easy access theartland warming drawero one cubic foot of warming storage area.  And, the warming drawer on the Heartland Classic 48″ Gas Range model includes thermostatic temperature control and sliding humidity control as a bonus feature.

H.  Storage Compartment – Extra storage area keeps cookie sheets, baking pans, muffin trays and roasting pans within easy reach while you cook.

I.  Overhead Closet with Electronic Controls – The closet opens to reveal the electronic oven controls with an easy-to-use clock/timer and touchpad.  Program cooking times and the speed of the fully integrated 350 cfm exhaust fan, among other options.

L.  Utensils Drawer – Reclaim your kitchen cabinet space with this convenient storage drawer for utensils and bakeware.


heartland-pan-storage     heartland-overhead-closet      heartland-utensils-drawer