DIY Network Features Heartland Kitchen Appliances on “American Rehab: Buffalo” Episode

“American Rehab: Buffalo” Selects Heartland Suite of Kitchen Appliances for DIY Network Premier

Did you see the full kitchen suite of our Heartland appliances on the premier episode of “American Rehab: Buffalo” on the DIY Network? If you missed it, make sure to tune in for the repeat airing on November 11 at 5 p.m. EST / 4 p.m. CST!  The entire season is also available to watch on demand via Amazon Prime.

In the first episode, “Modern Vintage Kitchen and Dining Room”, Jason Wilson and Bernice Radle rehab a vacant American foursquare home in Buffalo, New York, built in 1910. Piece by piece, the couple tears down the small kitchen, renovating it into a modern, open kitchen stocked with a full suite of Heartland kitchen appliances, including a 48″ Heartland Classic Gas Range stove, Heartland Classic French Door Refrigerator and Heartland Classic Dishwasher.


The DIY Network describes the show as such: “Jason Wilson and Bernice Radle love their hometown of Buffalo, New York so much, they’re making it their life’s work to revitalize the city, one home renovation at a time. With degrees in urban planning, the passionate and preservation-minded couple is buying up century-old homes at auction to save them from demolition. Then they’re getting down and dirty to do the renovations themselves, restoring not only the old homes, but preserving their beloved Buffalo neighborhoods as well.”


Here are our favorite quotes from the episode:

“It is so advanced – the cooktop is amazing – it’s all gas. There’s a matching refrigerator and everything too.”

“This is going to work perfect in our kitchen. I’m thrilled.”

“The appliances have just arrive and I can’t wait to open them up.”

“Beautiful! They’re so shiny!”

“Oh my god, this refrigerator is incredible. These are super cool.”

“The appliances alone sell properties, and these are beautiful.”

“My favorite thing about this kitchen has to be the appliances. It really does blend a lot of historic charm with a little modern twist.”

Make sure you check out the full episode to see the dramatic Before and After transformation!